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現代世界の英語−経済 (2)


economic conditions, economic situation, the state of the economy

成長経済 growth [growing] economy
減速経済 decelerated economy
decelerate: to go more slowly; to reduce speed - CALD

過熱経済 overheated [hot] economy
健全経済 healthy [sound] economy
sound: in good condition and not damaged in any way - LDCE

spot economy
spot: for buying or paying immediately, not at some future time - LDCE

futures economy
futures: goods, money, land etc that will be supplied or exchanged in the future at a time and price that has already been agreed - LDCE

economy of scale
economy of scale: the financial advantages of producing something in very large quantities - LDCE

戦時経済 wartime economy
平時経済 peacetime economy
地下経済 underground economy
underground: describes an activity that is secret and usually illegal - CALD

闇市場[取引] underground [black] market
black market: illegal trading of goods that are not allowed to be bought and sold, or that there are not enough of for everyone who wants them - CALD

economic activity

public sector
public sector: the industries and services in a country that are owned and run by the government - LDCE

private sector
private sector: the industries and services in a country that are owned and run by private companies, and not by the government - LDCE
The new government's policy is to transfer state industries from the public sector to the private sector. - CALD

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